SINCE 2006

Rasa Rasa started over at the Old Woodlands Town Centre in 2006 because we understand our Muslim friends' difficulties to find Tasty Halal Tze Char in Singapore.


That’s why our food court/coffee shop style family restaurant provides Seafood, Western, Chicken Rice and Drink Stall all in under one roof!

We strive to make our business known islandwide because our mission is to give our Rasarasarians a place to enjoy the best food, service and ambiance in Singapore!

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Rasa Rasa memulakan perniagaannya di Old Woodlands Town Centre pada 2006 kerana kami memahami kesukaran rakan muslim kami untuk mendapatkan Tze Char yang sedap dan halal di Singapura.


Oleh sebab itu restoren keluarga ala kedai kopi kami menyediakan gerai makanan laut, makanan barat, makanan tempatan dan gerai minuman dibawah satu bumbung!


Kami berazam untuk memastikan perniagaan kami dikenali di seluruh Singapura kerana misi kami adalah untuk menyediakan tempat bagi Rasarasarians menikmati makanan, perkhidmatan dan suasana terbaik disini.


Throughout the many years, we always believe in serving a wide variety of Halal food options in a casual laid back outdoor setting.

To eat is to enjoy -  this combined with a comfy environment and that's what we want you to feel when you come to our place - Just like Home!